Vivid Roots Trips Enhance Student’s Education

The benefits of international travel are well-known for adults, but they also have a profound impact on the youth of today.

Your students will be more worldly and knowledgeable and will gain an appreciation for different cultures. Students who return from abroad with their classmates speak more confidently in front of the class, ask better questions as they discover other parts of the world, and are even more willing to share their own perspectives.

Traveling internationally is one way to help your students reach their full potential! Here are a few ways international travel benefits students.

Leadership development

At Vivid Roots, we see a potential leader in everyone. It just takes the right combination of environment and opportunity for individuals to open up and find the leader inside themselves. Confidence is key to leadership development, and one of the best ways to build confidence is to leave the comfort zone.During the trip, there are opportunities literally every day for students to be pushed out of their comfort zone in their own ways. By the end of the trip, everyone will have surprised themselves in some way, and that small boost of confidence really drives further leadership development.

 Even before the trip, students will be trained and required to raise funds for the community service project they’ll be working on.Outside of asking their own parents for gas money, most high school students do not have fundraising experience. This requirement fosters professional skills such as communication, networking, and accountability. This also forces students to familiarize themselves with the issues the communities we work with are facing, and how they’ll be helping. Ultimately, it helps students realize that their participation and effort supports a mission beyond their own personal benefit.

Cultural perspective and appreciation

Every culture is different, and it’s not always easy to understand the values and issues of another society, especially from thousands of miles away. But experiencing other cultures while traveling on your own can change your perspective and appreciation for what you have at home. Whether it’s tasting a new cuisine or seeing how people live in a totally different setting, these experiences broaden horizons. They make an individual more open-minded about their own cultural norms, issues, and more appreciative of the differences in other ways of life.

Compassion and Empathy

Volunteering is powerful in many ways. Naturally, contributing to a community development project has an immediate positive impact on the lives of those community members. By working alongside the individuals in a collaborative way, our volunteers get to see the impact they are making first hand. Volunteering helps build compassion and empathy, and those skills create better listeners and  communicators. Involved students are more likely to continue contributing their time and energy to other causes they care about after returning home.

Impact Adventures provide the set and setting for students to really begin to understand what matters to them, who they believe they can become, and how they want to contribute to the world. Learn more about our teacher partner program here