Get Ready For Your Trip To Guatemala

Hello, all of you awesome, do-gooding, adventurers! This page is full of information that will help you prepare for your upcoming trip. Please follow the steps below and be sure to complete the On-boarding form and sign the waiver at the bottom of the page!

Here is what will be covered:

Step 1: Passport

Step 2: Flights

Step 3: Traveler Insurance

Step 4: Vaccinations

Step 5: Fundraising

Step 6: Traveler Agreement

Step 7: On-Boarding Form

Step 8: Volunteer Training

Step 9: Packing & Final Preparation


On this page, you will find all of the details about preparing for your trip to Ecuador. This page will be updated once your trip has a confirmed minimum number of travelers.


Step 1 – Passports:

Make sure that your passport is valid through your return date. If it will expire before then, click the link to explore options for renewals. If this applies to you, please contact Dylan ([email protected]) to let him know so he can help answer any questions. Click here for more info on US Passports.

Step 2 – Flights:

For your trip, you will be flying into Guatemala City (GUA). You may arrive earlier or stay longer than your trip dates but you must arrive on the first day of your trip (see itinerary and trip dates).

We can help you book your flights, please just reach out to [email protected].

Step 3 – Travelers Insurance:

1) The coverage should start the day you begin to travel, and extend through the day return home.

2) We recommend using World Nomads, but you are welcome to explore other options with similar coverage. The policy should cover:

  • lost baggage
  • trip cancellation
  • trip interruption
  • injury

Step 4 – Vaccinations:

Guatemala does not require any vaccinations to enter its country but there are a few that are recommended, such as Hepatitis A & Typhoid. It is best to talk with your doctor or reach out to your local travel clinic and make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get an appointment set up, some seasons of the year are busier than others and it can take multiple weeks to get in to see them.

For more information from the CDC regarding traveling to Guatemala here.

Step 5-8 will be updated on this page once your trip is confirmed to depart with the minimum number of travelers.

Travelers Agreement: