Why we Love working with Teachers

It should be no surprise that an organization whose mission is to increase access to clean water, EDUCATION, and health services prefers to partner with teachers. In fact, some of our first international travel experiences were led by our own high school teachers, and those experiences planted the seeds of what would one day become Vivid Roots. We’ve seen the value of student travel first hand.

Photo of Students, teachers, and volunteers at primary school in San Jacinto, Chiquimula, Guatemala

Travel Enhances Education

We love the idea of creating an environment that helps teachers make a bigger impact on their students’ lives outside the classroom. The intangible values and ideas you aim to instill in your students will be put to the test. When you’re in an unfamiliar place, your brain is primed for creating new pathways, and provides the opportunity for life skills like leadership, teamwork, and problem solving to naturally develop. Oftentimes we see the shy kid find a leader in themselves, the classroom rivals become friends, and everyone pushes their own comfort zone in the best ways. Naturally, taking your Spanish class to a Spanish speaking country is going to give them an immersive experience where they can put their skills to the test, and you can see the efficacy of your methods in action! However, this trip is not designed specifically for spanish students. Expanding your students’ understanding of the world, and participating in a different way of life is where the biggest lessons come from. “Normal” is relative, the best way to see that is to dive in, headfirst,in a new place with a “normal” that is different from your own.

We want to give teachers an opportunity to earn extra income

Teachers are the silent backbone of our society, devoting themselves to educating our youth to create a better and brighter future for us all. We believe educators should be compensated greater for their efforts, and our teacher partner program not only allows teachers to travel for free, but also provides the opportunity to make additional income! Our team takes care of planning, logistics, and risk management. All you have to do is recruit students, communicate with parents, and show up for a life changing adventure.

The Impact we can make together

Not only will you and your students have a life changing experience,  a primary focus of our trip is community service. We’ve partnered with local leaders to help small rural communities increase their access to clean water, education, and health services. We often work with primary schools that lack many of the resources you are accustomed to having in your classroom. Our projects are meticulously designed to ensure that the work we do will have a lasting impact on the communities we serve. By choosing to partner with us, you will be a facilitator of lasting change by providing locals with much needed structural improvements, clean water access, and school supplies. We believe everyone deserves a quality education, and who understands that more than teachers themselves? We can’t think of anyone.

Join Us

Vivid Roots is excited to work with passionate teachers looking for new experiences, more income,  and making a bigger impact on their students and the world. Our Teacher Partner Program is designed for educators who want to change their lives and the lives of their students by taking them on a 7-10 day educational journey through Latin America that combines:

  1. Cultural Immersion
  2. Community Development Projects
  3. Adventure, including but not limited to snorkeling, zip-lining, cliff-jumping, hot springs, kayaking, and rafting.
  4. Priceless learning experiences with local people & families that will stay with you long after your trip ends.


Re-invigorate your passion for teaching, earn money traveling, make an impact, and come home as the new favorite teacher. 

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