Vivid Roots Risk Management

Vivid Roots is a travel company that specializes in unforgettable international trips. They are the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience something new and exciting, whether it’s their first time traveling abroad or they’re just craving a change of scenery. Though we may not be as well known as some other travel companies out there (Yet!!), Vivid Roots has been making waves with teachers who want to ensure safety for their students while also being able to engage in meaningful out of classroom experiences. Here are the measures we take to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests:

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

The health and safety of our guests is our number one priority.

When it comes to international travel, we will always follow CDC guidelines for international travel specific to the country we plan to visit. Additionally, our tour operator partners also have specific health safety precautions to address and manage a safe experience in a world with COVID, and  minimum local guidelines will be met and complied with. However, by the time we travel, we’re hopeful that the world will be mostly back to normal.

Trusted operators and guides

We work with vetted, local, certified tour operators and guides. By partnering with local guides we are helping to stimulate the local economy and we also have local expertise with us to provide the best recommendations on restaurants, historical points of interest, and safety precautions/tourist traps to avoid. Click here to meet our guides and partners

Private transportation and lodging


Other than the possible spontaneous tuk-tuk ride during freetime, all transportation will be private from the moment you land in the country. We arrange for a guide and professional driver to meet you and your group at the airport to take you to the first hotel. By travelling in private transportation, you and your belongings will be secure as we commute from one destination to the next.


We may stay in locally owned hostels in some cases (one of our favorites helps support an amazing school that we partner with), but regardless of lodging style, we will always reserve private accommodations to ensure the safety of you and your belongings again. Typically we’ll assign groups of 3-4 students of the same gender together.

Government Partnerships

Through our sister non-profit organization, Vivid Roots Collective,  we’ve partnered with community governments to coordinate, arrange , and measure the success of our service projects. When we’re working in the communities our government partners provide transportation from lodging to project sites as well as project coordination. By working directly with local leaders we are able to make the biggest impact, they also take very good care of us and our guests and will ensure that our guests stay healthy, happy, and safe.

We test everything ourselves

Before we approve a new itinerary as “ready for guests”, our founders do a test trip to go through the logistics of everything from the cleanliness of lodging, quality of drivers and guides, safety of activities, and even make sure that we won’t spend too much time in the vans between the fun. These trips are meticulously designed and planned to be the most exciting, safe, and life changing experiences our guests have ever been a part of.