We’re seeking Teachers to join the Vivid Roots…


middle school | high school | college

We’re seeking Teachers to join the Vivid Roots…


middle school | high school | college

ATTENTION TEACHERS! We want to partner with passionate educators to share a life-changing travel experience with their students. A trip that creates a deep sense of gratitude, purpose, mindfulness and inspires positive change in the world. We call this trip an Impact Adventure, a 7-10 day international trip that combines cultural immersion, a service project, exciting adventures, and experiential learning activities.

Teacher Perks:

  • – impact students lives outside the classroom
  • – free travel! 
  • enjoy a new culture, adventures, & service project firsthand
  • – work alongside locals to strengthen their community
  • – earn extra income

Student Benefits:

  • – gain new perspectives on life & the world
  • – get out of their comfort zone through travel
  • – enhance leadership, teamwork, and problem solving skills
  • – impact another community through service work
  • – and so many more benefits!

STEP 1: Click “Get more Info” Button

First things first, read more on this webpage. Then if this program may be a good fit for you, click the “Get More Info” button.

STEP 2: Fill Out Brief Form

Once clicking “Get More Info”, you’ll be directed to fill out a brief form. Please tell us a bit about you!

STEP 3: Q&A Phone Call

Once you submit the form we’ll give you a ring to chat more! Approx. 15-20 minute phone call.

STEP 4: Apply

If you think this is the right program for you, then we encourage you to apply!

STEP 5: Do Amazing Things

If accepted into the program, we’ll move right into the onboarding process and do amazing things together. Travel & Make an Impact!

Vivid Roots was established in 2014 by four best friends that wanted to travel & make an impact on the world.

Our mission is simple. Inspire people to live life to the fullest and help those in need along the way (aka to “live vividly”). We do this by offering Impact Adventure trips – a life changing travel experience for small groups that combines cultural immersion, a service project, and crazy fun adventures in a 7-10 day trip. Right now these trips are offered to Guatemala and Ecuador, and we’re currently partnering with teachers to share the experience with them & their students. Hence, why you’re reading this now!

We could go on and on about the many cultural & adventurous activities of these trips, which we will tell you more about, but impact is truly the heart of a Vivid Roots trip.

For each Impact Adventure we dedicate approximately 2-3 days of the trip working on a service project in an underserved community. These projects focus on increasing access to clean water, education, and health services and are funded by each traveler as well as Vivid Root’s non-profit entity, Vivid Roots Collective.

We believe by focusing on these fundamental pillars, we can empower communities to raise themselves out of their situation. We work side-by-side with the community members, local governments, and other non-profits to ensure the success of every project.

Ultimately, we are on a mission to sustainably impact 1 million people! We could use your help.

Our progress so far:


people impacted


Schools Renovated + Clean Water Access


Community Water Systems Installed


Health Centers Renovated

Your Role in the Teacher Partner Program is straight forward.

Your responsibility is to (1) enroll students, (2) help communicate with parents, and (3) chaperone the life changing adventure. We do everything else such as the planning, logisitics, risk management, guiding, etc.

We provide all the resources to help you recruit students & communicate with parents.

Recruing students is a breeze. By showing them a Vivid Root’s video they’ll be thrilled to sign up. From there we provide all the necessary information for you & the students to give to their parents. For the parents that are interested to learn more, we’ll help host a meeting (in-person or video call) to introduce Vivid Roots, the trip, safety, costs, Q&A, etc.

You’ll help chaperone the Impact Adventure, not lead or guide it.

When it comes to the actual trip, you’re work is minimal and you get to enjoy it as a fellow traveler. We just ask that you help look after the students, as you naturally will, and our Vivid Root’s guides will take care of the rest. Something we can even discuss is you inviting a fellow teacher, parent(s), or significant other to help chaperone.

What about traveling & COVID-19?

We plan to operate trips at the beginning of 2022 and will continue to assess this matter as needed. Assuming it is safe to travel by then, we will follow the CDC guidelines of international travel which can be found here.

Is an Impact Adventure safe?

Yes. We wouldn’t be able to execute these trips if they were not safe. We firmly believe that if travelers don’t go looking for trouble, 99% of the time they stay out if it. Though to further ensure the safety of each trip, we use local professional guides, we have private transportation from the moment you touch down in-country, everyone has traveler’s insurance, and we have long standing relationships with the communities we work in and & partnerships with their local governments.

How many students can go per trip?

10 students is the minimum needed to go on a trip and 20 students is the current maximum.

How much does a trip cost?

The cost of an Impact Adventure depends primarily on the destination you select. Travelers are responsible for trip cost, traveler’s insurance, and their flight. 7 day trips start at $1,295 and 10 day trips range from $1,795 to $2,495. Flights are subjective, though range from $400-$1,000 flying from the United States. Travelers insurance is approximately $100. Not considering costs for souvenirs and some optional add on activities, an average trip ranges between $2,400 – $3,400. Visit Trips at vividroots.com to get an in-depth breakdown of different trip options & their costs.

What’s included in the trip cost?

All of your hotel accomodations, meals, private transportation, many activities, and local guides are included in the trip cost. Visit Trips at vividroots.com to get an in-depth breakdown of what’s included in each trip option.

Are there fundraising opportunities for students?

Yes, in fact, we ask that every student fundraise for the service project as well as to offset the cost of theirs or other student’s trips. We will gladly show each student the ropes for fundraising.

What destinations are there to choose from?

Currently we have 7 & 10 day trip options to Guatemala and 10 day trips to Ecuador.

When are the dates of a trip generally?

It’s up to you! Teachers generally choose dates during Spring Break, Summer, or Christmas break, but we can run trips year-round starting in 2022 & beyond.

How do I travel for free & get compensated?

It varies per destination, but when you recruit a certain amount of students, your trip will be paid for. Then every additional student you recruit beyond that minimum, you receive anywhere from $100-$300 each. Teachers are making anywhere from $1,000 – $3,000 per trip when they take upwards to 20 students. It’s up to the teacher what they do with this money. Some use it towards (1) bringing a guest on the trip, (2) student scholarships, (3) offsetting trip prices, or (4) hard earned compensation. Lots of freedom here.

Am I in charge of leading the trip in-country?

Negative. We have local professional guides that work for Vivid Roots who will be leading the charge. You will act as a chaperone, as you’ll naturally help keep an eye on the students. Other than that, you enjoy the trip as a fellow traveler.

May I bring a friend, family member, or significant other, etc?

Definitely! Teachers even invite student’s parents to also act as a a chaperone.

Have any other questions not answered here? Please do reach out: [email protected] or (208) 283-4772


Guatemala is our original destination for Impact Adventures. We’ve been traveling here since 2013. It’s a beautiful country filled with volcanos, lush green mountains and magical jungles. The Mayan culture and traditions live on in their beautiful weavings, architectural ruins, and 28 languages that are still spoken.



We’ve been traveling to Ecuador since 2017. It’s an incredibly diverse country  known for its vast landscapes including the Amazon Jungle, the Andean Highlands, the beautiful coastline, and the wild-life rich Galapagos. The Snow-capped volcanoes, lush green jungles, colonial cities only cover a portion of Ecuador’s excitement. The real beauty is found in the abundant micro-cultures spanning the country, which we experience.



in joining our Teacher Partner Program?

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Why We Love
Partnering with Teachers

It should be no surprise that an organization whose mission is to increase access to clean water, EDUCATION, and health services prefers to partner with teachers. In fact, some of our first international travel experiences were led by our own high school teachers, and those experiences planted the seeds of what would one day become Vivid Roots. We’ve seen the value of student travel first hand.


An Impact Adventure
Enhances Education

We love the idea of creating an environment that helps teachers make a bigger impact on their students’ lives outside the classroom. The intangible values and ideas you aim to instill in your students will be put to the test. When students are in an unfamiliar place, their brains are primed for creating new pathways, and provides the opportunity for life skills like leadership, teamwork, and problem solving to naturally develop.