40 oz Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

$ 18.99

Brand Vivid Roots

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This stainless steel vaccuum 
  • 40 OZ
  • 24hrs COLD / 12hrs HOT

1 BILLION PEOPLE around the world are affected by unsafe water. As a result 1500 CHILDREN die EVERY SINGLE DAY from water related illness and disease.

FORTUNATELY there are solutions to this problem. We can implement things like wells, water distribution & filtration systems to provide the many in need with clean water and save lives! 

Our #WaterForLife Bottle gives you the easy opportunity to help be a part of the solution and help those who cannot help themselves.

Below is a video of the community you will be helping! Pasochoa is a mountain outside of Quito, Ecuador. Three villages call this mountain side home. 1 Village has access to clean water, 1 has partial access & 1 has no clean water. This project will provide 1,500+  people  with clean water and change their lives.