7-10 Day Trips starting at $1,095

Multiple Destinations

Combine culture, service, and adventure by traveling throughout diverse destinations including Antigua, San Jacinto, Rio Dulce, Livingston, and the Belize Cayes.

Impact a Community

Work directly with locals of the rural municipality of San Jacinto, Chiquimula and empower them through increasing access to clean water, education, and health services.

Volcano Treks

Climb Antigua's remarkable Volcan Acatenango and/or Volcan Pacaya for panoramic views of the entire region. Both volcanoes give you a birds-eye view of nearby erupting volcanos.

Jungle Adventures

Settle in riverside bungalows located in the heart of the jungle. Swim in hot waterfalls, explore Mayan caves, zip line through the trees, and kayak on the Rio Dulce (the "Sweet River").

Island Hopping

Boat across the Rio Dulce into the Caribbean Sea to explore the Belize Cayes. Relax on the beach, enjoy fresh fruit and cold drinks, snorkel through a sunken ship, and soak up the sun.

Cooking Class

Put your cookery skills to the test with an authentic cuisine course. Use local ingredients and cooking methods to create a memorable feast with your new Guatemalan family.

All Inclusive $2,645
All Inclusive $2,645
Starting at $1,095
Starting at $1,595

An Inside Look of

Small Group Travel to Guatemala

The idea of traveling to a country like Guatemala with a group of people from all around the world may lead you to think, "What is so special about this country? Why would I ever go there?". Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the many purposes of this trip.

In a collaboration with Art of Visuals, a globally recognized media company, this video was created to give you an idea of the Guatemala trip and help answer WHY you should go.

Guatemala's Impact on You

Reviews from past Travelers

Genuinely connect with a small group of travelers from all around the world and create a lifetime bond. Together, you will join with Guatemalans to work in an underserved village and strengthen their community. You will experience their way of life first hand — not as an outsider, but as a friend.

This video was created as a GoFundMe campaign by previous travelers to help crowdfund for a future Impact Adventure. Hear the impact this trip had on them.