Ecuador is an incredibly diverse country that straddles the equator on South America’s west coast. Although the country is small in terms of land area, it is known for its vast landscapes including the Amazon Jungle, the Andean Highlands, the beautiful coastline and the wild-life rich Galapagos. The Snow-capped volcanoes, lush green jungles, colonial cities only cover a portion of Ecuador’s excitement. The real beauty is found in the abundant micro-cultures spanning the country. Ecuador is like a testing ground for the rest of South America.


Genuinely connect with and work alongside local communities on an Impact Adventure that will surely change your life forever.

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Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Population: 16.62 Million

Currency: U.S. Dollar

Entry Requirements For US: Passport

Immunizations: Yellow Fever immunization may be required for travel to the Amazon region


Water, Education, Health

Impact Locations:



  • Ecuador Highlands Impact Adventure 10-Day

    from 2,295

    On this 10-day adventure you will experience the true Ecuadorian culture as you make your way from colonial Cuenca, to spending quality time with the communities of Oña as you work along side them on your impact projects. You will see the amazing landscapes as you road trip through the andes to the coast for some relaxation and adventure in Montanita and the famous Silver Island (aka the Little Galapagos).

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