Vivid Roots Trips Enhance Student’s Education


  • Vivid Roots Trips Enhance Student’s Education

    The benefits of international travel are well-known for adults, but they also have a profound impact on the youth of today. Your students will be more worldly and knowledgeable and will gain an appreciation for different cultures. Students who return from abroad with their classmates speak more confidently in front of the class, ask better […]

  • Vivid Roots Risk Management

    Vivid Roots is a travel company that specializes in unforgettable international trips. They are the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience something new and exciting, whether it’s their first time traveling abroad or they’re just craving a change of scenery. Though we may not be as well known as some other travel companies out […]

  • Why we Love working with Teachers

    It should be no surprise that an organization whose mission is to increase access to clean water, EDUCATION, and health services prefers to partner with teachers. In fact, some of our first international travel experiences were led by our own high school teachers, and those experiences planted the seeds of what would one day become […]