3 Reasons You Might Consider Shopping With Vivid Roots On Black Friday!

We understand how many options are out there when you are shopping this holiday season, and we are extremely grateful for all the awesome people who decide to spend their hard earned money on Vivid Roots gear! Whether you are shopping for yourself, a loved one, your best friend, that new addition to the family that you don’t really know, or really anyone at all - we are confident that you/they would appreciate a gift from our shop. We are more confident that you will feel even better about giving a gift purchased from vividroots.com. Here are 3 simple reasons why you might consider shopping with us on Black Friday This Year!


1) Double Your Giving With Each Item Purchased!

When you purchase from Vivid Roots not only are you purchasing an awesome gift for one person to enjoy, but you are helping provide people in need with clean water for the rest of their life. This is an immeasurable gift for 1,500 people who will be impacted in Pasochoa, Ecuador with a new clean water system made possible through your purchase.


2) Get a FREE Beanie ($20 Value) With an order of $25 or more!

This year we decided we wanted to give limited edition beanies away exclusively for those who shopped with us on Black Friday! We have only a 75 beanies in each color you see below. The only way to get one is by making a purchase of $25 or more. Once you add $25 worth of goods to your card and go to check out, an option will pop up for your Free Beanie!


3) The #WaterForLife Bottle

If you or the person you’re shopping for haven’t experienced the awesomeness of an insulated water bottle, you're missing out. These bad boys will keep your goods cold for up to 24 hours and hot for nearly 12! You can put pretty much anything in them and they don’t stay stinky or sticky. They are perfect for hot beverages on a brisk winter morning, or for ice cold drinks on a hot day. Most importantly, our thermal bottles, like all of our other products, will change the lives of many people in need of clean water and give them a new opportunity at life. You can feel good about it and so can the person that opens up this awesome gift!


We hope that your holidays are filled with everything awesome! Please e-mail us ([email protected]) if you have any questions about anything or just want to say hello! We are thankful for all of you incredible people! 

Live Vividly, 

The VR Team

Connor, Dallas, Dylan & Trever


November 23, 2015 by Dallas Crum
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