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Written by: @hillawray

If I’ve learned anything from travel it’s that it makes me want more.

In a single day I woke up to a Minturn, Colorado snow storm, only to find myself hours later staring out across a red rock desert in Moab. I met an adventurous few living out of a combination of their tents and cars; moving from one radical rock face to the next. Thanks to a friend I was lucky enough to spend some time with these pioneers of the sky.

My buddy James had been considering the Moab high-line for some time. The inch wide webbing he would walk spanned a canyon 80 feet across and 150 feet high.

A beautiful snowcapped mountain range sat in the distance. As I watched them set the line I asked Kelsey (an avid rock climber who I had met the night before) if she would venture a try. A question to which her reply will stay with me forever. She stared out over the canyon for a long time before answering. As the boys finished she stood up and tightened her harness. ‘Yes, I think I will’ was her reply. She took a very deep breath and looked down at me, ‘I have never done something that scared me and regretted it’ she finished. Those words will never leave me and now a year later at the sign of a tough decision I still repeat them to myself.Later that night heading back to the mountains I listened to James talk about what he gets from the high-line experience.


‘It all fades away. The self-doubt and anxieties of life dissipate and you're left out there with just yourself.

Focusing on that end point, the awareness of each breath and step swallows up any concerns outside of what is happening in that moment. It is the ultimate representation of being present. Being out there on that line makes me feel small. I am a tiny dot in the grandness of where I am walking, a fraction of the canyon below. It is where I feel completely free.’

            I can’t completely put into words what took place that day, but I know that this feeling of wonder I have, though hard to describe, will stay with me. It is my belief that a single conversation can redirect a persons’ entire way of thinking. The experience I had with these people pushes me to do and see more every day.

September 16, 2015 by Vivid Roots
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