Drowning in my Water Bill

Every month or so most of us receive a bill(s) in the mail demanding an amount of money for our utility usage. Last month my water bill was more expensive than the last… a whopping $57.88! Paying bills is never where I prefer to spend my money but in reality is this measly $57.88 really that much for access to clean water?

Each morning I turn on my shower pointing the arrow just a little to the "H" side, not too scalding hot but warm enough to steam up the bathroom. After waiting about one minute for it to warm up, I hop in to enjoy my shower. Some days I spend more time in the shower than others, for no other reason than the fact that I can, and I have the time.

But what if getting the water I use every morning cost me my life? Lets just say things would probably be a little different. Taking a long shower that feels so good after a long day might not be worth it if obtaining clean water was more difficult than signing a check, putting it in the mail and turning on my faucet. I might be a bit more resourceful if I was limited to the amount I could carry back from the stream four miles away.

Nearly 1 Billion people lack access to clean water and to put that into perspective, that’s about two and a half times the United States population. Water doesn’t just cost money in many places around the world; people have to risk their lives for it. With places close by being in the middle of a draught, it has made me realize just how much water I really… well… waste.

Maybe being distracted for five minutes while your shower is warming up isn’t necessary, nor is leaving the water running the entire time you are brushing your teeth for your two minute sand timer. Being more aware of your sprinkler usage during the summer is a great way to limit your water use and save money also. Just so you know, 2:00 in the afternoon is a horrible time to turn them on, not only is it one of the hottest parts of the day but your grass is going to burn up quicker than just leaving it without water all day.

Am I trying to convince you to stop showering, brushing your teeth and watering your lawn? No, not exactly. But the next time you think your water bill is too much, ask yourself: Is it worth the $57.88 to have clean water at the tip of your fingers, or would you rather be in a place where you have to risk your health or life for an opportunity to have clean water?

If we all make an effort to be better about our water use, then we might be able to have our clean water for our entire lives, and also be able to provide clean water to those who are currently without. Together we can all make a difference; Vivid Roots is just one company providing you with the opportunity to contribute.






July 29, 2015 by Nicole Girard
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